C is for Cancel. I would emo occasionally when I fail-ly delete my entire post.

by limmie

ITz 1.18.
I guess that’s it.
(I read too much book book book now I can’t sleep. And neither can my brother, he got me waiting for him to finish one more chapter! HAH!)

Itz so that easy for me to harbour a liking to someone who treats me well. NOW I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT IM SUPPOSED TO BE FEELING. Teases today ain’t doing me any good. I hope it stops, I’ll very much buckle under my own pressure!

19 and clueless. I should be 9. Where everything would be so simple to simply grab anyone’s hand and walk to the canteen.

Nightmarish last night I heard. Goosebumped me all over when I heard it in the morning. PRAYING HARD it is nothing.

My previous post was impulsively published due to my brother insisting on using my com to watch THG TRAILER.
AAAAAH excited I am!

Some movies to calm and undepress myself tomorrow. Then worry about Friday’s classmate plan and Saturday’s Timbre plan! I AM EXCITED BUT BROKE.