IT’S NOT EASY FOR ME TO EXPRESS- express shit of sherilyn.

by limmie

I know what I want. No I don’t. I think I know what I want. Maybe I don’t. I feel I know what I want. No I might be wrong.

The turn ons and the turn offs. Everything should be likea book. Pre written down, just waiting for someone to pick it up, claim ownership, and act out that written script. Life would be easier. Simpler.

Guess I was Friendzoned the entire term. With them papers over, CRINGECRINGECRINGE.

I know what I know.
I iz got that one bulgy pack. Fat die me. Eat die me. Another lowering self issue.


And here I am arguing w myself in the train. I SUCK W EXPRESSION. I should just go suck it. Sherilyn suck off.