The throbbing headache

by limmie

This year haz brought about many 168 trips. Think I’ve been under the sun for too long, these two days, SUPER headacheyyy feeling.

Sad for me, pretty sure some friendship just hit a dead knot. Knots likea 0.5144.
Just a sudden random thought.

And yay for me, two papers down! And feels like two As are coming my way? Last one on Tuesday, so far so good w ZERO confidence and ZERO knowledge.

Today’s airshow was pretty bleh, BECAUSE WE MISSED THE FLIGHT DISPLAY. But we definitely took shots! Mr Tako the camera was so not used today. THANKS LOKSHING AND JIAHUI FOR COMING DOWN TOO! Lucky ms Ong had transport back, else I would have felt bad.

Horrible die me. Heard wrongly, spoke too fast, I just had to let that embarrassingly embarrassed cat out of the bag.

1928, it’s looking pretty bright here! Niang should be ‘back’ today!
Yet all that’s stuck in my head is TF and the library. If not for all these library sessions, I doubt the As will even appear. Secretly thankful, he-who-shall-not-be-named need not know this!

Double decker bus, checked.
Bright yet dimmed outdoor lights, check.
Drizzle ending mists, check.
This feels like Japan.

SELF excite much.
K.O time today. What can I even do?