The good day.

by limmie

Good dy/dx, I mean GOOD DAY.
Sounding pretty HIGH right now but I’m so not the least.
Yesterday’s sun got me burnt pretty badly. Feeling VERY HOT AND BURNY RIGHT NOW.

Went Airshow w Tok and Law yesterday, HAPPY HIGH KID. Bumped into XY D YC. They three look good all together! Hah!

Borrowed the lens which brought it injustice. I seriously lack photog skills.

Just done w em paper and yay, no more maths! Didn’t really work hard and prepare myself for this test, so wasn’t expecting FULLMARKS, but then I could do every single question. Three careless points in Probability Section would probably leave me a high chance of scoring >91%


Time for some library action right now!
Motion sickness is in the works. I guess I’m hungry.

MF had better gimme a happy ending tomorrow!