by limmie

Okay, just messing around w the title. Letting off a little steam every night isUNHEALTHY. Noooo, please don’t read and understand it wrongly!

Too much steam to let go off everyday.
Thought today would be somewhat peaceful, WRONG.

Shut down of the tv, THE TELEVISION. Restricted use of all appliances after 11, WHAT IS THIS?

Thn the usual rubbish came. I shut off my MF and headed straight to bed. No I wasn’t being rude.

Watched Super8 IN PEACE w Shawn and Starr!
Came home after being told CWP dinner was cancelled and that I had dinner kept for me. Fag this shit, my empty stomach went raging to know that everyone had eaten. Ended up gg kopitam w Shawn. The blame game went around, on whose fault it was tht my dinner was left out, when I didn’t even say out a single word.

Starr baked chocolate cake! Yesterday it was banana! GOODLUCK FOR YOUR COMMON TEST LEH!

Realize my usage of Singlish is getting out of hand too! Crap the scrapping of all of tomorrow’s plan.

Had a long long long chat w MUMCJ! Understand THAT feeling but she’s probably feeling it worse. Hopeless position I am in to help. Her words of cheer up on me should be sent back to her, CHEER UP MUM.

All of our holiday plans, I HAV TO MAKE GOOD WORDS W YOUR AHMA FIRST. Desperate for my holiday to be ungrounded, SO MUCH TO DO.

So Vday Family Dinner tomorrow, or maybe more of Vday Sibilings Dinner.
I don’t wish to be in the pretense of looking happy when I’m not. BUT I HVE TO KEEP THIS UP FOR EVERYONE TO LOOK HAPPY TOO.

The day filled w supposedly love and joy will be spent in the library w Books and drumroolllll Bentoh.

Weird that we actually are good friends.
All those teasing crazy talks circulating around have to be put aside. Lame me much, BUT right now on my wish list is a proper GPA. And the housing issue is making me look like a bad friend in front of friends I’ve kept my problems mummed to.

Ace my final three papers.
Work out my grounding issues.
Get out w my friends.
Then think about getting Friendzoned or Not.

My probably 16cm-diametered brain has too much to think about.
Forever a consistent worrier, Sherilyn!

P/S I’ve been a really hardworking kid this semester. I hope to reap what I sow WITHOUT ANY CHEATING involved. When people gets desperate for good grades/ to just simply pass, they just forget their morals. #justsaying