My “Moomoo” blurt probably scared this new friend.

by limmie

Last day of the month, I couldn’t possible not come here!

It kind of is ending w a baaaaaaaang!

Helped dad at the stall. We talked over CERTAIN issues and I realize we all knew what was going on but not know how to react. (me mainly because it would be super MEIDAMEIXIAO)

Backtrack a little. Camped a couple of hours at pearly’s last night. This talk we had while waiting for slowpoke ken, makes me so wanna head over to her place every single night.

Soz I spent my afternoon in the library w BenT. Productive as usual, except that my panick mode has yet to set in. This is bringing me back, yet again, to the few days ago chat w Lincoln. GG me. If things are as good as it is, I shouldn’t risk anything, right?

Waiting for the damn train home. Already ten mins late, I so don’t wished to be locked out.
Mildly awkward dinner, there was James Teh and his Katie and Lishyn.
First time heading out w the latter two, but their similarly high character makes it all easy to hang out!
Curse and damn my curfew.

Itz the end of month one.
Dear Duncan MX James Junan Eden Ken, I hope to see your botak heads soon.
Meanwhile, TAKECARE!

Sherilyn is really GGfied.