Master the James art of Farting yet?

by limmie

Not too late, but here’s ALMOST everyone from Saturday! (Minus the poly fags, couldn’t get everyone together for pictures!)

I have AS right in front of me, but it aint getting touched!
So Bro got what he wanted, but went on screaming he’s the only one in his gang coming to NP.

Yesterday small visit to Ong’s house was A LOSS OF MONEY. And Dead Silence gave me a hard time sleeping last night. My sleeping mum went SO? when i told her it’s midnight, SO I SHARED A BED W STARR. Till Starr said again, It’s midnight, THEN MY MUM LEFT.


OKAY, Swimming later on, and CLASS FIRST!
BRB Stomachache.
PS Pretty productive study session yesterday! 75% a chapter done, SEVEN MOER TO GO!