January 2012

by limmie

Speechless caused by sadness caused by everyone’s unpreparedness and assumption. No point doing the pointing of fingers now, we each played a part in screwing our presentation up. This group effort was a total zero, except for ONE last night. Then again, too late.


The weekends spent in KL, everyone without data plans was a good feel. But the mo we reached the customs, it was a different story.
Saw that much tears, saw the sad faces, heard those screams, unexpected rush of emotions overcame me. For three days, my family had thisssssss much of communication. My sister seldom smiles and jokes lit up do two days. Cousins silent nods and small talks, ignoring all those past conflicts, it felt like a huge family.

New year eve was spent in a 24 sweater bus catered for just us five. Watched this Reese Witherspoon sad but happy ending movie, then spent the rest of the night sleeping, wishing for the start of a good new year.

We reached home just before midnight. I managed to wash a toilet, beams?

But day one was just bad. Four of us starting the visiting by 2, one stayed at home. Still, this side of te family was a bit off to get along w. Cut conversations, some tiny bets, frequent laughters, it did not feel like before. But I am thankful enough to have relatives and of course getting angpows! Not much collected, as usual.

Day two was no different. Four homes in AMK covered, met every single uncle, aunt, cousin, niece, nephew. The last was my babysitter. The only other place I felt close to home, daring to do anything, speak anything.

Day three was reality speaking. Pats on back for commendable effort BUT I wasted my 5% for MF quiz. Postponed reunion dinner w dad’s friends parents who got mum as her godchild, complicated i sound. A tad early “louhei”, te couple stayed till real late.

Day four was not well done. Long breaks spent learning Risk! And trolliyn haz got to stop, i cant screw W peoples head or theyll acrew w mine.
Then came the Struggle w last min huge edits, my group slept real late doing compiling. While I happily did my part, dota-Ed a little while, LoL halfway, and got interrupted. Again, I can’t game, it’s a sign to just stop. The horrible burden feel in some games..

Day five, TODAY, was a cold event. Maybe I’m a little too sensitive? ANYWAY, screwed presentation. Big rush to get my batteries and films now. Shall not be late for work, after all it’s a weekly thing already.

Kind of expecting a big day tomorrow? I hope everyone will have fun.

I will try my best to shuffle around! Every single invited person. You do mean something to me. limsy.