Goodbyes are neve easy.

by limmie

I wonder if everything was well planned, if everything was fated.
I for once, never do believe in fate.

Thursday work shift instead of the usual Friday.
Not my group presentation date.
I was scared to book for my bike practical tomorrow.
My plans for tomorrow were cancelled.
The gang went out to eat yesterday of the usual Friday.

730PM, while I was trying hard to be on my job. (Today private event for networkers was not what I had expected. I assumed networkers were not stinged. I assumed networkers had friendly personalities.)
I ended work pretty early. I like my job btw. I will refrain from wearing such bottoms to school from now on.

And then came that news. It felt just like yesterday she came over to my house for christmas. Out of all relatives (I have 12 on each sides actually) she was the most caring , the peacemaker, the best. Throughout these years there was a few blank scares, all those major attacks were nothing, in and out of the hospital, she still was strong. And yet one minor breathing difficulty, she crumbled.

Thank you for your care and love. All those pyjamas bottoms you sewed for me, they are going nowhere.

I ain’t complaining one bit about gg back, I feel that it is a need to.

The entire night of sadness was broken by one fag’s nonsense, I shall go to the llibrary now to mug w him, HAHA! Ridiculously cute friends I have.

Mega early flight tomorrow. It was to be a mid day journey but last minute trips are hard to get and fully booked.

Off to pack and to get up early tomorrow morning, I’ll be back for CNY at least.
The extended family reunion dinner plans were scrapped. After years of not getting together, we still can’t this year.

Not gonna get down now! It’s too wrong a time, Limsy!

You will be missed.