Can I make it anymore obvious? Likea Sk8terb0i

by limmie

In another life
I would be your girl
In another life
I won’t let you get away

It’s a good thing, but a horrible one. I move on pretty fast, because all my crushes were simply crushes. I’ll push everyone away if they know much about me. And then expect much from them. So contradictive, but I’ve been living it this way. I wish I was Jean Grey.

Feeling bummed. In THAT area and w my friends. Im telling you, if I ever had the determination, I would stay away from technology. It is killing me slowly.

I can’t face up and talk up, yet I can type furiously away.

And yet my big mouth will not stop. Stuck between two ranting friends. I stopped myself from joining in before I could say anything more. It’s a very bad character. I feel so two faced. And yet unable to say what I should.

Holland V is cool. (mum calls it holland five btw, ha!) Waiting for this group of people to laugh everything away w me.

I’m a runner, such a quitter.
Roll your eye at me please and have a good day. Cause I’m doing that to myself too, limmie