by limmie

I can’t stop thinking.
Mouth freeze. Stiff me. Brain dead.
I just can’t show what I want to, say what I need to , express all my words into actions.

I just hope I didn’t make anyone feel like crap. I have no intention of.

Everyone’s on emo random mode recently.

It’s just me feeling awkward.

Had a different opinion of Xavier today, after some card rounds. And damn the wrong timing w two dota matches. As usual I screwed the first. Was hoping for a recovery and feed less in the second round when ragey mum appeared.

For not making dad a drink.
I suffered a earful from game 1 to game 2 to dinner and thank my escape to the pool. (Horrible flies)
Mid game, amidst some dude scolding me shits, I left. I LEFT A GAME I WAS HAPPY IN. Friends who spoke up for me, I shouldn’t have left. You guys are great.
Dinner was a teeny bit tearful.

The pool got me feeling better. Blind bat there though.
Then ms foo got me on my AS again, jeremy got me on IL , I am stress I have yet to study for MF.

My bad Cheong , couldn’t talk to you properly!! See you tomorrow!

Woo! Excited for a townie trip!
I am dead shagged.

Huge Shoutout to you:
Sorry if I’ve been an avoidance. I don’t want to do that either. I dislike using the word Sorry. Too much a time is killing its meaning. I’m gonna work towards acting like a better friend!

2234, 7 eff word as of today.