Saturday ain’t no sugar.

by limmie

Horrible feeling iz back once again.
Me and my big mouth just couldn’t stop, just had to say a few “sensless” words during dinner.

Okay I should quit playing. Quit gaming WITH friends. Not only am I putting people in a spot, I’m spooling their game. My LEISURE hobby is turning stressful, that’s wrong.

First was Dota, then came LoL. My Bad Ben, Tok, Teh, Ng!
Skillless in gaming. Skilless in multitasking, horrible connection, stupid small mouse, dead laptop. All these points to one thing- I ain’t made out for games. YET I STILL INSIST ON PLAYING THEM.

My face is burning. Except for one streak that runs across my eyes. Swimming w Tok and Teh today was VERY HOT.

I finally had the time to continue my walls today. It’s like 1/8 done.
My AS is like 1/16 done.
My AMP is like 1/32 done.

All the wrong priorities. I have to finish AMP and more importantly AS tomorrow.

Reunion Dinner w them gang on Wed, work on Friday, MF QUIZ on Wed, I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO KEEP THIS POSITIVE SIDE OF ME UP. I WON’T GIVE UP NOW!!!