by limmie

Feeling LESS panicky. Tensed my practice session, patiently waiting for 8pm, THIS ONLY JUST IS THEORY.

CONGRATS BENCHIA again on his license. Damndamndamn!!! I still have a long road of practice to go through!

While I was away!
OMG I JUST RAN INTO KOTARO WHO PASSED. He look so Jappy w his hair.

While I was away! I had a mini teeny talk w the parents at home! Mini felt quite a biggie actually. I’ve been blocking my family out. Shit my habits.
Trying to think properly before I act next, and hopefully not ignore.

I’m over 18 and turning 19, I ought to know better.
That Facty book that bentoh lent is interestingly cool, but just minus the religious part. No offense WordPress, but I feel weird coming into the religion scene.

Thanks people for the GOODLUCKS and warnings of getting a bike.
CHEONG N LINCOLN thanks for your lucky charms!
D N YF N BEN your frequent whatsapp faps are entertaining my life.
And to the gang, are we all drifting apart? Difficult meetups, different schedule, depressing thoughts come feb. But that recent Astons dinner, we’ll make time for everyone!!

Wish me real luck, TAKO