Friendzoned yet?

by limmie

WAGAGAGA. Again, my non-serious side acted up. I have not been on serious mode when I ought to. I’m gonna start picking up on that!

Don’t know when to be serious and when not to. Sharelyn ah sharelyn.

SUPER productive day today.
13 pages AS report down.
4 pages AMP report down.

MF comes tomorrow. I’m feeling back on track!
More furniture moving around today due to more furniture being bought. It sure does feel like CNY.

So I sold Mr HTC today for two hundred. Of course I didnt keep all the money. This phone had better not fail on me.

And my wall is still 1/8 done. The more I sit and do my work, the more restless my fingers get, the more my wall turns black. It’s nice though, i excel in doodling.

Self praise much? Serious note now, how can I get people to start taking me seriously?
Step one, start acting seriously.

By any chance, anyone remembers this show ” I love bubuchacha” ?
Sounds weird but … IT’S HAMMER TIME! Limsy-