This is bad.

by limmie

I practically am wordpressing everyday.

Lecturer adviced us to not work while studying. As much as I would love to, I doubt my USS, Aussie or BKK , or even monthly drinking sessions can go on.

But I’m sacrificing my gaming hours for all these. Sounds worth it BUT I NEED THEM.

Come Monday, YAY I think I wills be able to run into Admin Teh on campus! Cool thoughts, HAHAHA YOU WORK I STUDY.

Okay reason for my being here, I don’t know how to tell if a person is being serious or not. Ms foo made a point about being less reliant w technology, I will start this soon. Foresee it being hard but I need to improve my social skils.

And shit shit shit. Not being able to say out what i feel. I guess forever alone is the word?

Dang work dang.
Lunch break w my classMATES, the OTHER bunch was woah w all the fword flying everywhere.
Sometimes the process of making good friends is always awesome.