A randomly coloured one.

by limmie

I’m baffled.
Note: no purpose of any racism here.

Try picturing ‘angmohs’ (as we call Caucasians) as our SMRT bus drivers, or selling fresh ingredients in markets.

Try picturing ‘ah nehs’ w business suits, occupying majority of Raffles Place.

Try picturing the ‘cheenas’ being the bulk of pilots.

Not that it’s hard, but it feels unlikely.
I guess the fact that SG is populated by Chinese attributes to this.

But I do believe that at the back of most people head, they have their own Class System, superior race type of thinking.

But at least on the outside everyone’s showing less biasedness and a certain respect?

Still, this thinking is wrong. Maybe it’s just me.

That’s random. LIMSY.
Ps stress from results collection leads me to garbage talks.