1 January 2012

by limmie

Good day and GOOD YEAR!
Happy new year people!
A little more than high right now, but tok got it worse!

Caramel V, sweet smelling killer!
Thank you for spending your new year w this tako,
Jelyn n Joshua seriously match made
Teh really arhhh, weak drinker!
Tok , no idea if your purposely lost to me, but the STRICTLY orange juice guy ended up downing majority of it.
Renfred surprisingly came down, but control you swear words !!
And finally Niang, you may have missed the countdown w us, rushed down to one quick hour, but IT WAS ALL WORTH IT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT?

I cant sleep now because this itchy scratchy brother got bitten by a rat while he was busy counting down and everyone is worried about him in our own way, hope the hospital ain’t that crowded?

Okay STOP THINKING SO MUCH ALREADY! I self controlled myself, THANKFULLY THERE WAS HARDLY ANY RECEPTION, I refrain myself from tweeting out a confession.

Seriously sherilyn ! GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE , to whoever who reads this, you’re awesome!

High and sleepy, Limsy !