Going with the flow like the flow !

by limmie

Right now at #90 Bieber’s That should be me.

OKAY, right now a boggling thing, my friendship w Ken! I hardly have the time for everyone, and I don’t know what to say,

#89 Hilson’s Pretty Girl Rock

BUT I DONT WANT TO LOSE THIS FRIEND. I hope real hard this weekend’s chalet will be as blastful as Team Rocket!

SO! It’s the 31st and the LAST DAY OF 2011!
I am really going to miss this year, one of the best (Out of EIGHTEEN) I ever had.

January was full of ups and downs. It was one of the most emotional phase. The period of unnecessary thoughts and worries.

February came and go pretty quickly. It was a blur, a whirlpool, it was avoiding avoiding and avoiding.

March was a breeze, I escaped into Wulin, China, MADE LOADS OF FRIENDS, lived life like a commoner.

April was the heartbreak where my results broke my heart. A new semester, half of a senior and

#88 I had the Time of My Life

a very low key term. Not the hardcore-stay-in-school-lepak-till-late-or-hang-out-near-school kid I was in Year 1.

#87 Forget you
(I did)

Then came May, everything was picking up. Stronger friendships w the girls, THEN I joined DB.

June was stressful. The many library nights w D paid off, I was doing well, academically. Then there was the Senai trip, and making of MORE FRIENDS, from T3 and the year 1s! Better Rapport w the lecturers and getting to know XY a whole lot better.

#86 Loser Like Me

The joy of knowing our persuasion paid off – for the trip of a lifetime. I started to slack.

August was where complacency sank in. Having done well in CTs, I flunk my EOYs. Meanwhile, all we could think of was CHINA.

September was spent entirely in China. While the gang and jc peeps were happily preparing for their As. I cleared a module there, I had better aced it. The most important thing was making GOOD FRIENDS. And they came as a very happy group.

October was spent trying to get over China. And a funny crush. And that one drunk night.

November, A brand new semester, with a bigger group of friends, it was the best term ever.

December, last minute muggings and library hangouts, I made one more worthy friend.


Sending out personal shoutouts, even if you’ll never see them.

#85 Kesha’s Blow

Ken and Pearly – My longest Friend EVER. Our frequent icecream corner downstairs I recently had to blow, I have NO wish to lose any of you two!

Cheong – You listened to all my craps. Crapped w me. And shat w me. Thanks for being so high all the time. BUT, CHEIOOONG LESS LEH!

Diyana – The few ups and down recently, I am sorry you had to put up w my craps! Joining DB was my wrong personal choice, I miss our laughters!


Xiyuan – The best partner ever. Fed me, without a spoon, w answers. Taught me. Knocked common sense into me. And I am happy that you found someone who is showing me a very happy ms foo!

Fongwai – SENIOR. Y U SO STRAIGHT ONE. The random chats, I appreciate! It makes me feel sane. WEIRD but true. OUR DRINKING SESSION IS TO COME!

BenChia – Initially awkward moments for me, but you made my life easier w your heck care style, (Y) And of all people, you saw my many emo-ragey moments, CHILLED and got me smiling back. IDK HOW I EVEN FOUND THIS FREIND!

#83 2gether

Fangyan – STILL scar-ed over that one night of outbursts, STAY CHUBBILY BUFF PLEASE!

#82 Heart Still Beating
#81 I need a doctor

ShawnKo BryanChew Nicholas Linhan Dany – Sorry with the fail class trips! I HOPE NEXT YEAR WE’LL ALL HAVE A CLASS PHOTO!!

ChinGuan Yingcong – the COOL classmates i’ve been hanging out with since Year 1. SIMPLICITY. Stressless.

BenToh – Seriously likea male Cheong! All the last min study sessions, THANKS ARH. You can really be a nice friend, you know?

Lincoln Jackson Winston Weiwen Darrell Malcolm Eugene YongFeng – OIE CHINA MATES. I MISS US ALL STAYING UNDER ONE ROOF. That carefree life. It is uber hard to hang out all like that again..

Renfred Jelyn – Long time no hag out siaaaaaa! BUT! Renfred CLUBBING WAS COOL! JERU! See you TONIGHT ā¤

Teh Tok Law Fong Jiahui Eden – This group. Of beloved friends i call fags. Idk how close we are or not, The fun we shared was all worthwhile. The late nights, the long plans, the funny rubbish, I am so gonna miss everyone’s presence. One work, two work, all busy, SIGHS, IMPROMPTU PLANS FTW. 2 years and a very random group, WE AINT GONNA STOP OUR CRAPS!

I’ll be back. Sherilyn.