And the countdown starts! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰

by limmie

And here we go, post number fifty!

It shall be quick! Cause I’m still the earliest fag no matter how late I am. Okay totally no link!

Omg that little flip I felt IDK WHAT THAT WAS FOR! That cool stoned face yf suddenly appeared out of nowhere and all I managed was a lame “___” let’s just leave that out!

I guess it was just the shock of bumping into him somewhere so near!

Anyways! New year eve’s feeling alitalia perfect! Day w family, though I’m sorry starr!! Too much to do in one day, damn damn damn.
(how can anyone go shopping alone TODAY, of all days?! Just a sudden random though of .)

Status report, I’m lame and embarrassed and EARLY AND THE TRAIN IS GETTING CROWDED!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, BEEP ME TEXT ME SPAM ME WTV , you guys are the awesomest.