The rage that faded off will resurface sooner or later

by limmie

Meanwhile, enjoy every minute of zero rage.

My middle finger is still that swollen!
I’m gonna be late for work!
And I’m crushing badly over some fag nice words! But pretty much think I scared him off w my endless rants/complaints last night that he disappeared dead into the night.

Yeap, thankfully the Thursday deed that was supposed to happen did not. I must be one of the high-est person around w low self esteem.
When it comes to SUCH things, my inexperienced can simply make me stab myself. NOT EMOING or anything here.

Shoutout to ShawnKo BryanChew BenChia Lincoln BenToh : even little tweets can chill me down, thanks you guys.

Random much, but I mean them. Especially to mr KO, I think I snapped unknowingly at him.

Sherilyn is back.