Never was late

by limmie

Never on my Sherilyn style have I been late. But this kind of is starting recently.

And I hate hate hate really hate people without punctuality, yet here I stand sit.

Those late nights will stop, as of today!!! The sight of bentoh caller id immediately jolt me up, no idea why, he gives that boss vibes.

I’m wondering how my year end will be celebrated! The class, my class, mentioned USS but that’s def off most of our ” affordable ” list, and HOW could I even not spend countdown w the gang?!!! Sorry, but I really gotta make this year count, before everyone of them disappears next year. Sighs.
And there, the primary school gang too!! No idea if they have any plans, I don’t want turn anyone down dammit, and I do miss their logical sensical crap, I guess Chalet time is what I look forward to!

Okay MY PHON BATTERY IS REALLY DYING LIKE DEAD DYING, iPhone please don’t let me down, survive through the night?

Hoping it’s possible, LIMSY 😚
Ps, is emoticon viewable?