And so,

by limmie

Chelsea drew Wigan and ManC really did went over Arsenal with a mere one goal. Too bad for me, I missed the entire match. Goals highlight for me tomorrow. That’s all i can afford.

I gamed too much today. Surprisingly I got hooked to LoL more than Dota. I believe cause it was way easier. LoL feels like the level 1 to Dota. Just a thought.
Then came some TF2 where I got wee bit sick of it. A couple of rounds and sorry YC ! So more LoL w Lincoln , and finally fong mama came online! Seems likea a long time since the four of us could hook up for a match.

Too bad the night was old. Sorry niang we lost your first game!! This also meant my game stats suffered.

Alright, scared about work tomorrow. Don’t know my job scope nor pay not attire. But I just blew what I considered to be Big Bucks, on heels.

Game on Limsy!
Ps, bentoh just give up, Chelsea > ManU