I like you likea like song.

by limmie

One moment I was cramming so hard. The next, it already is the holidays. It may have not started off right, but it’s just the beginning! *insert smileyface*

I’ve had many minor crushes along, one major one, and then I HOPE THE NEXT WILL BE MORE THAN ANYTHING.
Moving on, just saying.

Around 10am we met up for some basketballing!
Before that I received much music at home. It somehow felt like there was no one else to pick on (hints : the maid left) and there I was, all ready to get picked on. From my room to my bed to me doing laundry to me making breakfast in future to me not getting involved in housework. I just don’t get it. There are five of us at home, I just finished my papers, its merely my day ONE of holiday and yet WHY THE FUCK MUST YOU AIM ME? It wasn’t the end, I came home NICELY for dinner, I did the dishes with no complaints, AND I GET SARCASTIC REMARKS TO DRY THEM AND KEEP THEM AND I WAS ON LAUNDRY SHIFT TOMORROW. Must we never get along? I’ve been a really good girl this term, I don’t lie, I come home early. Your actions recently are making me revert back to my old self. I don’t want that..

So about today ! I feel teeny bit burnt by the sun, for we played till after 1! After lunch came those heavy sudden downpour. We seeked shelter, the rain stopped, we carried on, it rained again. Sighs. Not enough play time BUT WHO CARES. I had fun this entire time. From tennis in the rain to basketball with no shoes. The wet floor made me feel like I was at the pool.

Jackson was nice companion! Ben looked like he did enjoy tennis! Darrell needs to stop asking awkward questions! XY needs to be happier! I hope she wasn’t feeling down over last night talks. YC forever in his weird world, I don’t get his actions some times. And CG. Recently seeing a self centered side of him.

I’m supposed to be asleep now. HEADACHE from yesterday mild session, lack of sleep, and the rain today, I CANNOT afford to fall ill. I ain’t even itching for any games, sadly so.

Oh, Starcraft2 look horrifyingly cool. It looks way more interesting than Dota, with all those multitasking sheetz. I wanna try it one day though, but the thought of needing to download it and learning it slowly.. My brain can only absorb that much things in a game. Neither can my fingers coordinate w my head. I’m not really a gamers girl, am I? I enjoy them but I can’t Excel in them.
Then again I haven’t been able to do well in anything recently.

Damn I wished BenT didn’t show me that game. Now I can’t sleep. It feels to exciting, for some reason I don’t know why.

So wells. I wonder how easy it is for me to start crushing again. I’m only an eighth, I don’t like my raging hormones. Although it seems to be many’s problem nowadays.

Shoutout :
EH I don’t want spoil this seemingly new friendship, so I have to restrain my thoughts huh?

I like you. I don’t like you. I think I do.
I don’t know what to do, as usual, Limsy.