Hope for the B to the EST!

by limmie

I am alittle preeeeetty kind of super duper VERY 


Words cannot describe my very mixed feelings!

Common tests are over, YAY! (JUST CTs only though..) I’ve been muggingstudyingcramming real hard recently, I can’t believe myself either. New study buddy have been helpful in getting me focused, though he didn’t do much, but having a friend/sss to study for similar papers helps. That 8 hours on a certain day really left me drained but very PLEASED.

Common tests are over, BOO! I may have felt I studied well, but when the paperSSS killed me. I dare not think of getting an AD nor a solid A. Why is B+ all I can ever get? NOT being greedy or anything, but as much as my GPA looks good, it is average when compared to my class. I AM SO IN THE COMPETITIVE MODE THIS YEAR I DONT KNOW WHY.

Common tests are over, SO? Yeap, this marks the starts of all troubles. Holidays are here, and so are my curfewsrestraintscontrolled life. There are times when I get surprised over what my parents let me do. Like the night drinks and they even encouraged clubbing. But I ain’t night cycling a much healthier choice? SO WHY THE REJECTION. 

I need to work some magic by 5! I am so stuck in a _____ stuck in a I cannot remember what. Ruck?

Someone help me brainstorm.

RTT in 6 hours.

First thing first, SLEEP. I definitely lack this. Past few nights of 4 hours sleep. SIGH I AM HARDWORKING, WHY DONT I GET MY SUPPOSED REEWWARDS?

Speaking of the HMMM ANGEL, Time to get my magic started! LIMSY <– Sounds cooler definitely!