Cease the Disappointments.

by limmie

I noticed something about myself.

When I sink into some seemingly big hole, I have the whole world to turn to. No, it doesn’t sound right. It should be, I end up turning to the whole world.

I am getting as honest as I can be.

I went from C to BC to CG to LS&WC to Twitter and finally to Ken.

CG was ever so ready to pick my call. BenChia seriously texted me to calmness. Cheong got me raring to go for tomorrow. LS lamed me to retreatment. WC got me nodding my head and made me miss all of our previous outings. And the last thing that came to my mind was icecream w P and K. 

I had to rant somewhere, and Twitter was so easily accessible. I had no intention of blaming anyone, PLEASE DON’T TAKE WHAT I TWEET TO HEART.

I don’t understand why I JUST have to do this.

I feel that I screwed my CTs. I failed my common sense test. I couldn’t go cycling. <– This was a problem to start with, the persuasion of getting permission. (At least the guys had common sense not to rent the bike for me.) So NOT blaming anyone, it’s just, I just had to explode.

These few nights of tossing and turning, I never did have a proper sleep.

Come Monday, it’ll probably make my holidays a working one. 

But I guess I did confirm my thoughts on a particular thing.

I couldn’t tell D nor Darrell. I truly believe it would jinx any chances of me doing anything successfully.


Took a chill pill, in the process of calmness, please send me a smileyface if you see this, SHERILYN.