I know many Bens in my eighteen years of life.

by limmie

I guess the best time for me to ever appear here iz when I’m on public transport.

Heehee I’m back smiling more than ever!
Everyone’s As is over and everyone are busy w their fun. NOOOOO I haz not shy-ed away from planning any fun! Can’t wait for the papers to be over.
Super good news for myself, I did pretty well with AL and AS , surprised myself w the A. Yay!

The mugging continued yesterday. Yesternight Skype session w Bentoh left me all so confused, I haz not been studying MF correctly! So met up w him at the library today, WOAH productive to the that the that MAX. I guess when losers study together, they produce winning results. HAHAHAHAHA, mixing too much w all these weird company!

Off to town now to fetch the mama, at the same time soak in that Xmas lights and …. Study MF too.

Stress but happy, guess it’s because of all the happy people around me. *hints xiyuan*

Last week Xmas party was pretty cool BTW, cause of the company, DUH!
Next up, an ubin trip, more cycling, and hopefully the other gang of jc fags have things coming up too! Poly side w food and a Clarke Quey night, Primary school side w the chalet, my dear sec school mates, stop slacking without me !

Even my family is planning a short overseas trip, I hope I can squeeze everything perfectly into my holiday. Oh and that stay trip to Matthew’s place soon.
I wish the papers never end, studying w everyone is making me very bliss.

Weird but true, Limsy.

P.s COOL RIGHT? if you get the meaning of Limsy, thanks to D !