Too much words, too little space.

by limmie

I guess that’s it. Two more semesters and I am done w this slacky poly life. Not that I am excited, but I’m worried where I’m gonna end up after all this.

My HKG trip ain’t gonna materialize , as much as I wanna go w CJ and XE. That leads me to Vietnam. Excited but hopefully it does not remove my Aussie trip rights.

While a couple of them fags ends their As, I’m gonna be struggling w two papers on Thursday, two more next week, and last three on the week after.

Too short a holiday this is. But I’m looking forward to it too much.

I woke up super early today, yet I’m on this slow moving train. Yes its the train fault, but had I left earlier…
The one thing I sooooooo cannot stand is punctuality issues. Yet here I am , all ready to be late today.

I have to admit this but New Girl, 2 Broke Girls and Running Man is cost-ing me my sleep. YEAH, I got bro hooked on RM too.

Cool or what? Limmie.