by limmie

It’s been a roller coaster ride for me these past few days. Three nights and counting, I’m feeling sicker than sick.

But the good news is I’ve finally ‘put my heart to rest’! All those constant worries and thoughts were making me so clogged up that I needed to burst.
Thanks Pearly, for being there when I was all ready to drop dead. She came w a bottle of VC and hear me let go some steam. Doesn’t matter if I’m 18 or 21, I guess some things just gotta wait. I don’t wanna regret doing anything reckless. Okay, I just don’t want to throw face.

So RedCamp mini helppout yesterday made me sicker. At least it was fun, I made new kiddo friends and spent some laughing time w classmates and damn the free lunch that we missed!!!

And a goodererer news, I passed my evaluation! Next up, finally, RTT! Though its gonna be quite a wait, I need to ace this and start vrooming off ASAP!

I need a little shoutout.
To Eden if we ever exchange links, HI.
To Teh Fong Law, short TF2 rounds made me better actually, damn damn damn I am feeling more excited than them for the end of their papers!
And to my classmates, I have no idea whether to go school tmr!

Forever unsure, Limmie.