The bus of 961

by limmie

I am feeling sooooooo full AND nauseous!

Not that I am complaining about IKEA’s meatballs, (I NEVER WILL.) but my addiction to milk is horrible.

For the first time in my 18 years of life, OMG OMG wait for it, I went Queensway Shopping Center. Mountain tortoise or whatever, but it is the male version of FEP, or China Malls.

I didn’t find anything I wanted though, BUT it was entertaining watching the other four, or more like three, shop and hunt!

And so, YAY, quizzes all down, next week will be filled w at least 3 Progress Test, and then two it maybe three, not important yet, 3 more comment tests.

Darrell to my right and Yingcong to my left, both all plugged in.
I simply am just left thinking, Whatever was happening to all those weeks of textings? I guess there was nothing to it and it wss just me being a shemale. At least WW was nice enough to “confirm my suspicion”, but that was already bad enough to my lost pride and heart and maybe not heart but Gaah. I feel so lost.

Dammit Limmie Dammit.