Oh no.

by limmie

Liar Game Movie despite having only one stage, was awesome.

HIMYM despite having one Ted, is so addictive.

Sherilyn despite waking up in the wee wee hours, managed to hold on till now.

I’m dead beat. The run felt awfully long and then too short after I completed it. The bonding w classmates was superb cool though. #Note, not classmates as in classmates though.

Thanks D for the ride. Saved my eye’s life. After the 5km was the lucky draw where stingy bastard won a NIKON camera. Then the Fish n Co surprised me at the airport. Hellishly delicious.

I actually studied. One chapter though, but I feel a little accomplished.
The step into poly is definitely dragging down my missions and goals. I need to work harder on them but the determination seems to be disappearing. I feel the need to, but its importance don’t feel so important to me anymore. I’m actually going to bed now.

Have been trying to avoid this “one little thing” for a day and two. Not little in fact, it’s just me not knowing how to react. It started off as a simple conversation and then it just led to never ending ones. I am just so afraid.

Sorry pearly and ken about icecream night. I need one desperately but tonight feels so spoilt.

To D XY Malcolm Darrell Yingcong Lincoln Jackson BenToh Winston, the short morning was hell lot of fun.