The very strong need to WordPress

by limmie

Currently waiting for my bus, all plugged in to NickiMinaj. She makes me high, at least.

I am so zombie sleepy that I smashed my phone onto the bus floor just now.

Last night was horrible. I feel like a rodent. Someone spray some pesticide on me please. I fail at understanding hints. To make things worse, I forgot my specs. Blurred vision adds onto my already seemingly wild speculation.

And all that sick yous, get well quick please! This one cute YF actually asked for a ‘soft kitty’ song.

In other news, I am going to put Navy aside, hmm. And work too. Australia and Genting and HongKong is gonna be so much for me. But, one thought of all the quizzes coming in next week turns me so off.

This one weekend requires lots of cheering up. I’m forever down and troubled aren’t I ?

Paramore gets on loop, Limmie.