The Changi Airport Hanger.

by limmie

*Hanger as in Hanging Around*

And so marks the 3weeks of “relax-er” time for me. Four of us, sky trained airport to airport and finally settling down in T3.

What a weekend it haz been. The previous four nights in NUS, made a few friends, ran around with props, and watched dancers wriggled their asses on stage.

Behind every smiley face hides a hardworking background filled with sweat. The funny occasion where the dancer fell on his sofa, the panic occasion where another lost his solo to a fall (first time hearing a manly cry) , and a stressful occasion when my prop got stuck. The night ended very well for everyone. A super friendly bunch of people.
Thanks CJ too for being there!

Watching teary goodbyes , hugs and waves, I wonder why is a Sunday morning at the airport such a quiet one?

And another holiday tomorrow! Anyone free? I can’t think of any place to go/do/be.

Save the Cheerleader, Save Limmie.