Biker ‘Chic’ no good.

by limmie

A sudden prompt to update you. Today was everything and lovely.

First the quick class. The lame JAM. Then the alumni lunch w Cheongster. Then the library w DB D.

The wait at shell was a surprise. DLoo’s driving is the coaster of the year. The heavy pour made it better. Forever acting zoom zoom cool.

Then BBDC dilemma was solved by BenC and YueT! One collected his license, the other having practical. (new word my sister taught me today) XMM here only started w enrollment.

I can’t sleep now because of their discussions on the many Biking Accidents.

Then the tennis w April Darrell YingC. I tried to learnt. I tried to whack. Badminton skill of mine got in the way.

Finally the quickie dinner w Tok Fong Law Tan Fabian. 1.5 stress faces. The other were simply chilled. Some screw in me seems to be getting back to normal, as before. #YAYNESS.

And Lincoln and his sushi, Fangyan suddenly acting nicely (kinda gayly) nice recently, and BenC naggily cute. (I need to stop using the C-word.)

Not proud to say, Y U Law teach me wrong!!!

Alright, the Limmie who just got into Google+ , needs bed.
*inserts plenty of smiley face*