Hobby of a Limmie.

by limmie

I’m super proud to say, I’M WORDPRESSING ON THE MRT.

Proud because this is far more productive than constantly thinking, worrying and stoning right ?

Feels really sad to actually think “drifting away” is occuring to me. The peeps are working hard, as much as I wanna meet up with them, my presence will simply distract them in the library. The short few months left w them are soooo precious.

I have this long list of important items to get. Like that licence I have long been eyeing. I definitely need a long job. Definition of long : months of work.

Last night was a little : woah. Not that I’ve known YF for a long time, but oh no, my head is bursting of confusion. Super thankful of his thoughts though, at least I’m pretty sure things w D and me now is gonna be better!

I am so not looking forward to Deepavali. As much as I want to turn 18, I know the mo I get to that, much more problems are gonna arise. That bike, that night job, that night outs, that curfew, and all that money.

Haven’t been having any problems w curfew so far, that’s a good thing. Maybe cause my silence at home won me a little something ?

Sworn off swears and curses. And I’m gonna work hard on keeping a single clear head. This one big lingering problem that forever is around, Y U being so nice to me? I need to learn how to react to all these. It’s a dilemma deciding how to put that ‘:) smileyface’ or a teeny weeny ‘<3heart'.

Anyway, it’s pigboss’ birthday, Happy 19!

Ps, please no other thoughts about this. J and M , oh yeah they called themselves JAM, gave me a hard time last night. I so am scared of every and any awkward situations ! (Surprisingly to say, I’m starting to get comfy talking to YF.)