Is it right to be acting like me like that ?

by limmie

Not being in a typing mood lately. Again, when it comes to the matters of heart, Triple Sigh.

And then the other group of people busy tanking for As, Double Sigh.

And the late nights I’ve been staying up to help Shawn when my brain isn’t working, Sigh.

At least SDC ‘s over ! Felt like a long time ago, but merely two days haz passed. Draw My Thing with the AT haz been entertaining my nights. And all of a sudden, Facebook is being used. And I missed my 12000th tweet. And I’m gonna turn legal in 5days. And I feel the excitement but not the joy.

It’s not the HUACHI problem now. It’s the ‘What kind of friend am I; and do I have’ problem. I’m most certainly at fault with my occasion flaring temperament. I can’t stand myself for that either. I guess people are starting to not stand it too.

Late night chats keep me awake and yet distract me. Entertaining, but I’ll end up rolling on bed for the next hour, wondering What Had I Said.

Alright, 6.45 run tomorrow morning. I’m glad there’s Shawn and Starr.

Good the night everyone. And yes, everyone matters, LIMMIE.