The process of waiting for my wet locks to dry.

by limmie

It’s a Saturday. I woke up to indecisiveness. So I attempted to clear my head by cooking dinner with Starr.
An impromptu thought later, I was whisked off to school. Darrell Winston Jackson was all set to leave. Thankfully, the decision to do one more paper. That took us 5 hours.
So not prepared for Tuesday’s paper.

And so I did meet the gang today. A rough start, my head was floating China. Somehow at the end of the night, something felt different. Between us talks forever was all laughters and jokes, when it came to (somewhat)serious matters, there seem to be a hidden barrier. But these are the friends I ever am closest to. 5weeks can’t possibly be the reason, if so, what will 2years be ?

So our long talks dragged till two quarters before midnight. My warning alarm system arrived, the good news the moment I reached home ? Grounded for a month, including my birthday.

Thinking of a certain tweet where his final paper falls on his birthday, how much more worse does mine feel? Not blaming anyone but myself, I definitely need a little LOT more of self-control.

Sorry, but the freedom and closeness and random joys I experienced in China can hardly be the same here.

I wish I knew what my next step would take me.