Last week at this time, we had just touched Singapore’s Ground.

by limmie

I most certainly felt like everyone had not let go. “Letting go” in the sense that WE CANNOT FORGET OUR TIMES IN CHINA. I know I KNOW all these China talks will bore everyone else, so I’m simply here to talk less about China. Today when I declared, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH, I really meant it.

I have NOT, most certainly NOT EVER, forget you other guys. But, true to what Darrell said, I think I need at least a month of ‘Jetlag’ Recovery.

This trip really brought us all closer.Because we spent almost every single moment together. One week later, I have this need to jot these down, because I can’t possibly say it out to you guys, but, thanks for treating me like a friend/ foe in some cases. (Heehee.)

Today study trip was SOMEWHAT fail. Even at 10am, while at breakfast, someone already exclaimed that the study mood was not there. A total different feeling while out on a study mission with the JC peeps! By 12pm, someone was already whining LET’S GO MOVIE. (Fancy calling himself a goodboy.) SORRY Lokshing if you felt alone, but I WAS HAPPY TO SEE YOU AFTER SUCH A LONG TIME!

From the Room

303 Uncle Winston despite being somewhat stingy, I like his straightforwardness and trademark, Fuck off Lah. Ragey Lincoln showed me his dark raging side when RABBIT meat are mentioned.

304 Mummy Jackson, ever so motherly, super at home talking to him. Unfortunately pure innocent him had to learn CAO and FUCK. WeiWen the gentle giant, I NEVER knew he was the playful type, switching my lights on-off forever, his funny faces were never shown in class.

305 Darrell, I thought he was a serious person. He can actually be the someone who listens to your talks and gives his honest opinion. He can soooo have XY, HEEHEE. Mr Malcolm, like an older brother who makes fun of you and yet can be concern at serious times. WHY YOU TWO TROLL US PORN UH!

306 YongFeng, I CAN’T BELIEVE I SHARED A BED WITH YOU! Heehee, this stern looking ‘ugly faggot’ actually has a funny side. Eugene Kwek HAS A SHY MOMENT. There was an occasion when he came in while we were ‘changing’, PAISEH him acted like nothing happened. WHY YOU TWO TROLL US WITH NIGHTMARES SIAA!

307 D – my roomie had to put up with my crankyness and mood swings at times. I regret being drunk the last night and declaring about DB to her!

THESE AT GUYS, ALTHOUGH NOT MY ACTUAL CLASSMATES, ACTUALLY BROUGHT LIFE FOR ONE MONTH. It feels so different not seeing them everyday. They saw my laughters, lameness and THE NIGHT WHEN I CRIED MY ASS OUT.
Today despite the short meet-up, I somehow felt joy.
(But that Shark movie was a really waste of MONEY. And thanks to concenssion, I had to endure long bus rides. The ride up got me talking to Darrell. I SHOULD TAKE UP HIS OFFER AND BE HIS FIFTH CLIENT. He can do good heart-to-heart-talks!! The ride back got me alone with YongFeng. It ended up with a draggy dinner, sigh! I miss the random tv trips to his room and the night where D, Darrell, YF and Malcolm went sourcing for chiobus.)

308 Ms FOO, Sorry if I angered you the night KongKong went missing, your FUCK YOU that echoed the hallway will forever be remembered! HEEHEE, and stress less please! I have no idea how to help comfort you and your enormous committee load. XiuEr, despite your very much many much many talkings, I MISS GOING YOUR ROOM FOR RANDOM CHATS. And the DEAR you often call us, goosebumming but LETS GO GET BUTTER BISCUITS!

309 BryanChew felt as strange as he usually is in class. I didn’t get to know him better although he is my classmate! FangYan however seemed to have a sensitive side. This heck-care guy I knew felt different. Maybe he was scared of my sudden outburst that night, but he actually have a soft side. I don’t care what you called me, SORRY I threw stuffs, maybe you’re nice after all.

And so, the EBM guys. Lame LongXiang taught me well, Vain Daniel Loo’s hairdryer saved my life (AND he has this warm smile when he plays his RC car), BenChia took my outbursts well (I did realise I screamed at him that he was cute) super friendly figure and his contagious laughters can fight D’s, Straightfaced YueTong turned out to be straightface-ly humourous (PRO cameraman, this guy), Junjie and Jonathon forever in their own world were the Mr-Nice-Guys, JeremyYeo who I mistook for a boring person actually has this HIGH ENERGY in him, so high, so lame, so BOSSY (SORRY IB MATE, you need to be HIGH IN CLASS PLEASE), Aunty Lucy DanielChye, I HOPE YOU LOVE US FOR THE JAM ON YOUR CHEEKS, naively funny, Matthew started being socialable, his SHUSHU feel and grey hair, thanks for being so nice to me when you knew what I wrote about you.

5 weeks was too short to get to know them all!

And finally the loud MTE guys. Kotaro, thankfully not scarred! Yongtai, small and horny and forever singing. Weicheng and his ‘dirty’ left eye. Bernard and his kangaroo. Jason and his bargaining skills and straighforwardness. Zhixiang and his zhulaoshi. Kent and his emo face, SMILE MORE, LOOK CUTER K! Jeevan and his blackmails, TMD. Jenson and his weird camera angles and irritatingly long hair! Leander and forever looking shy, hiding behind his camera. Jiexiang and his horny poses and irritating cheek-pokes. Yihan and his speak-bad-english, it’s SHARE-REH-LEAN, SwenZhen and his scary long stares.

Not as well did we get to know one another, it was funny laughing along and bringing us to the MAMA DIAN.

A post too long, tomorrow will probably be another study day-out. AND the long awaited meal with the awesomest peeps I have missed while being in China. I hope this will bring me back to reality.

PS, see how much we have all changed?