Habit 1.2

by limmie

This is gonna become a habit. I need to WordPress before bed.

I was to sleep, an hour ago. Then itchy fingers me clicked on the Group Pictures. There, my laughing spree began.

I had my hokkien mee last night. Today’s buffet included LAKSA. All that’s missing shall be downed tomorrow. After these, I’ll be missing all those sichuan food.

My brother is close to finishing my China snacks! Why didn’t I get more butter biscuits!

Again, for the second night in a row, I can’t stop worrying about that drunk night. I worry about what I think I blurted out.

So well. Despite this huge embarrassment, thanks benchia for being nice.

I miss my roomie D, ms foo’s Kong Kong, crashing Xiuer’s room, running up and down the corridor, and waking up to seeing everyone’s face.

You’re back home Sherilyn, you shall be given one more day to move on.