This is gonna get personal since the teacher is not gonna get the ticks done here.

by limmie

AGAIN, my roommate is sleeping right now.
BUT, that is after the big wash-out.

We cleaned the entire room some nights ago, this afternoon it was XiuEr & XY’s turn! I dare proudly declare, we both have the cleanest room in this entire campus. Not just room in fact, AREA.

OH! Speaking of which. Our beds are made up of matresses and this mat-like thing, which I call MAT, so yeah, its like the bamboo type. This morning I woke up, wearing long pants, I thought there was this huge pimple or something on my knee. Turns out to be the bamboo or wood or idk what, some small stick-like thing pierced into my knee. Horrible.

Anyways. I have a proud declaration! WE FOUND PROPER FOOD.
This ‘so-called’ ZI CHAR shop just downstairs. EGG WITH TOMATO and XIAOBAICAI. I CAN LIVE WITH JUST THESE. SERIOUSLY ! (Anyone knows what is XBC in English? AND! I learnt what is FANQIE and DUTOU) OMG DUTOU sounds like some bean, BUT ITS POTATO!!

My room is BEI 307. BEI is WEST IS IT? NO! It’s not. DADDY! You have been teaching me wrongly! Dong is not North so Bei is no West. MIND BOGGLING fact when XY told me this a few days back! For 18 years I have been living a North-South-East-West wrong life!

Today’s big news. 0722 I woke up. Cause there seemed to be a crowd outside. I thought I was late for lesson. Heck not. Lesson was at 0930. COMMOTION DUE TO RESULTS. AND I AM NOT PROUD TO SAY, I got pwn by Bryan Chew. I have definitely not done well this semester! Cannot imagine studying the most this semester and scoring the worst.

I didn’ score perfectly for my class test either. SO the only comfort is doing OKAY for my DPP at least? But still, it’s a B+.

I shall drown my sorrows in LAYS chips.
Time to make full use of the empty dance studio! YEAH, we are trying out Miss A’s moves!