by limmie

Everyone’s sleeping right now.
AND I CAN’T. Because of the class test tomorrow. Panicky mode ON, but I have yet to start. I am feeling pretty positive that with the constant presence of XY, I will be studying progressively throughout the night.

AND, no. Thanks for asking, but I have not had dinner.
1. the food are all so alike,if you get what I mean.
2. my stomach is filled with chips, YES, cheap lays.
3. i am feeling so sick.

As to my sickness,
a. i have eaten too much chips
b. itchy mouth asked for chili hotdog (Their 1 YUAN Taiwan sausage are to die for!)
c. the explosives or gunpowder released last night must have brought me heat.

Speaking of explosives.
The box was like 8 metres in front of us? Up and lighted, they shot up to the sky, BUT IT WAS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO LOOK UP. For the moment they lighted up the sky, they fell back down to earth like falling rain. Yes, I have no idea if they were harmful, but I am pretty sure I brought much of these dust-like particles back to my room.

OKAY. It is time to wake the roommates up. I can hold no longer.